About Us

Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Research Program (INRP) in a student-based neuroscience group that was founded in Tehran University of Medical Sciences at 2007. INRP is a Health Services Research (HSR) program aimed to facilitate neuroscience research.

Aims and Objectives

The aims of INRP are to:

  • Facilitate physical and financial support for neuroscience researches

  • Organize educational workshops

  • Communicate with national and international neuroscience societies

  • Make a database of current and former Iranian neuroscience researchers

  • Increase social awareness of brain disorders and importance of neuroscience research

To achieve these aims, we:

  • Organize weekly journal club sessions at Wednesdays, Weekly Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Discussion (WIND)

  • Organize weekly educational sessions at Saturdays, presenting Kandel’s Principles of Neuroscience (JouroKan)

  • Provide neuropsychological equipment for psychophysics experiments

  • Provide advanced computer systems to analyze computationally consuming analyses like brain imaging analyses

  • Manage public lectures and events about brain disorders

  • Financial support for neuroscience proposals approved in Students’ Scientific Research Center (SSRC)